Niewódka - nowa kultura picia

New culture of drinking

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Looking for a place to have a good time, but don't want to drink beer or vodka? Here's the best choice!

Nalewamy prosto z rur pełnych niewódki!
Spróbuj każdego z pięciu smaków - wiśniowego, malinowego, cytrynowego, agrestowego i pożeczkowego!

Niewódka means "not vodka"

We are crafting our own liqueurs in five different tastes: cherry, lemon, gooseberry, currant and raspberry!
We value quality - that's why we are using only natural ingredients and our own recipes.

Pipes full of Niewódka from ceiling!

We are using pipes to deliver the best quality Niewódka directly to your glass. It's the only one place in Cracow with such a system!

Let's meet in Niewódka!

Contact us:

Reservations, questions:

507 575 764

You can find us in the city centre - Plac Szczapański 5